Meeting: 4/23/17

Today our group took the code found in this instructable and amended it such that it would print the name of the note to our LCD screen instead of LEDs, and also removed the bits of code that told you if the note was too sharp or too flat. When we first tested this code with the input coming from the microphone, but it seemed like the code was not able to get a frequency from this input.

We tried again using the Analog Discovery WaveForms sine wave generator as the input, thinking that the code was having trouble with the amount of noise in the microphone. The code was able to discern a note from the generated sine wave, showing to us that it worked, but we needed a different audio input. Our group has decided to purchase a guitar jack so that we plug in the electric guitar straight into our circuit for minimal noise. We plan to meet again this Wednesday to see if the guitar jack will work.

Here is the code we used at today’s meeting:

We plan to further condense the code between now and the next meeting.


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