Meeting: 4/26/2017

Today we met to test our project. We successfully sent in a signal using the Waveforms software and it output the correct note on the LCD screen and on our testing window.

We then proceeded to testing on the guitar and our frequency were all over the map. When we are sending in the perfect signal using Waveforms and the Analog Discovery, we do not have to use the op-amp part of our circuit so that is where we looked first for debugging. We determined that we had the wrong capacitor and resolved this issue however, with the guitar as the input our project was still not working. Our next thought was to check the op-amp circuit with Waveforms. We ran the signal through it and measured the amplitude to see if we were receiving the correct amplitude. We determined that the input we were getting from the guitar did not have a high enough amplitude to register with our tuner. This issue will be addressed by changing the values of the resistor on the opamp until we get a high enough amplitude.

Our next meeting will be Thursday morning to hopefully finalize the project and start working on our Instructable.

Below are some images from testing today:



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